Physiotherapy Coverage Via Health Plans

Physiotherapy Coverage

Date published: August 23, 2018

Physiotherapy, short for "physical therapy", can be extremely important when it comes to recovering from a physical impairment resulting from an accident or illness.

Physiotherapy involves recovery via exercises that are designed to improve mobility and health. In addition, a good physiotherapy program will also encourage a patient to incorporate various life style changes such as getting regular exercise and avoiding physical activities that could lead to re-injury.

Physiotherapy is often used to treat conditions such as the following:

Physiotherapy Coverage via Provincial Healthcare Plans

Some Canadians assume that physiotherapy costs are fully covered by their provincial healthcare plan, but unfortunately, this is often not the case.

In fact, in most healthcare cases physiotherapists costs are not covered. There are exceptions, however, and this is heavily dependent on the province where you live.

Physiotherapy MAY be covered if:

Check your provincial government’s web site for more details.

Employee Benefits Coverage for Physiotherapy

Employee benefits plans are also called "group health insurance", and they are obtained through your employer. Group plans are either partially or fully paid for by the company you work for.

Physiotherapy is classified as a "paramedical" coverage, and paramedicals are almost always covered by employee benefits. Other types of paramedical coverages (besides physiotherapy) are chiropractors, massage therapy, speech therapy and naturopaths.

Group insurance coverage for physiotherapy costs can be summarized as follows:

Personal Health Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Costs

Unlike employee benefits, personal health insurance (also called "individual health insurance" or "family health insurance") is NOT provided via an employer. Rather, coverage is purchased on an individual or family basis.

These individual plans are either guaranteed issue or they are medically underwritten.

Underwritten plans involve the answering of medical questions, along with allowing the insurance company access to your medical records. Guaranteed issue plans, on the other hand, do not entail any medical questions, and acceptance is guaranteed. (Note that drug coverage amounts are lower for the guaranteed plans).

Similar to group insurance, physiotherapy is lumped together with other paramedical coverages.

The following summarizes individual health insurance coverage for physiotherapy costs:

If you want to know how much the premiums are for indivdual health insurance plans please note that you can get instant, online quotes for guaranteed issue health plans and medically underwritten plans using InsuranceSoEasy. todo


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* If you have the Catastrophic option (with the Manulife Flexcare plan) then there is unlimited physiotherapy coverage IF required for an accident that requires a hospital stay of at least 24 hours.

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